SAN ANTONIO - The Powerball has made a winner of someone in the San Antonio area.

A ticket sold on the city's south side has produced the city's newest millionaire.

The winning ticket was sold at the Commercial Food Mart in the 2600 block of Commercial Avenue.

Their Powerball machine produced a winning ticket worth $1 million.

It means San Antonio has a match 5 winner.

That's matching five numbers without the Powerball. Kansas, Massachusetts and New York are the only other states where that happened.

The store, generally, gets a bonus for selling the winning ticket and bragging rights.

The bonus won't be $1 million. Yet, the designation as a winning ticket producing store may be the gift that keeps on giving.

So, who is this winner? We don't know yet. That has as many possibilities as trying to pick the numbers for the winning Powerball ticket.