SAN ANTONIO - Basketball is a game loved by people of all ages. For 100-year-old Delia Leal, that love has no boundaries.

Three hours on the road, cold temperatures and a health scare didn't stop her from making it to Thursday's Spurs game.

"The nurse comes in and checks me out, and she says, 'You're perfectly okay. Your vitals are okay. You just go on with your plans.' So, that was the best news I heard," Leal said.

This special guest has been a fan for years. For her 100th birthday last week, her daughter surprised her with tickets to Thursday's Spurs game. It wasn't until Wednesday that she found out she was sitting court-side.

"I couldn't imagine, because it was a total surprise. She said it was going to be something special for [me], so it is. It is," Leal said.

According to her daughter, Minita Leal, the secret to her longevity is her ability to enjoy and love life.

"This is just a gift to our mother, but this is also a gift to any senior: To encourage them to live life. There is life with purpose, even at 100." Minita Leal said.

Delia Leal said the Spurs game was on the top of her short bucket list. Win or lose, she'll forever love her home team.