BRYAN, Texas - Girl Scout cookies season, the reason we all abandon our New Year's goal is finally here.

With Girl Scout cookie season kicking off, Blackwater Draw Brewing Company is taking a few of everyone's season favorite cookies and giving them an adult friendly twist.

"We took some of our original recipes and added some special ingredients to make them taste like Girl Scout cookies," said Bryan Brew Manager Terri Siqueiros.

Three signature beers, crafted to taste like Girl Scout's Lemonades, Caramel Delights and the ever so popular Thin Mints.

"Even though I can't drink it, I imagine other people will really like it," said Girl Scout Kiyana Mishima.

It was an idea inspired by one of their customers and their love for giving back to the community.

"The concept of Blackwater Draw was always to bring the Bryan-College Station community together, we want to be like the local watering hole," sad Siqueiros.

By partnering with the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, the Downtown Bryan brewery says they hope to help these scouts raise enough money to reach their cookies selling goals.

"I think it's great because there is no age limit to getting involved with the local community, and they bring their own groups of people that may otherwise not stop into our taproom," said Siqueiros.

It's a partnership that also helps the Girl Scouts learn valuable skills to achieve their future goals.

"The skills that Girl Scouts teaches me are money management, learning how to talk to people and just getting out there and learning how to achieve your goals," said Girl Scout Zella Nichols.