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Fans excited to see a more modern mermaid | Together We Rise

Fans excited for the new live-action 'Little Mermaid' and its diverse cast.

SAN ANTONIO — Many fans are excited to see the new live-action “The Little Mermaid” to hit the silver screen. 

“I love the little mermaid. I’m a huge fan of these live-action remakes," moviegoer, Keaton Alexander said. 

Mom, Walnita Smith-Buckner also looking forward to the remake, “I’m excited about it because when I was growing up I didn’t see any reflections that looked like me in a movie... I love that [my daughter] can see representation in her favorite movie "The Little Mermaid" and someone that looks like her. 

While some are excited for the remake, others on social media, not so much. 

Hateful posts with the hashtag #notmyariel trending online after the announcement of musical artist, Halle Bailey, being casted as Ariel. 

"A lot of that is rooted in a certain viewpoint of nostalgia and purism because there is this iconic version that folks are comparing it to," KENS 5 Film Critic, David Lynch said.  "While not being of the background to realize how valuable it is to show a performance like that, in a movie like this, in front of audiences today in 2023. 

Those checking out an early screening were happy with Disney's choice.

“It did not phase me at all. I just thought it was great and perfectly casted," moviegoer, Alec Dyer said. 

“I really had no qualms. I’m like if she can fit the role and if she is talented enough to do it then sign me up, "Alexander said.  

Rita Serrano on the same page, “I think they’re going in the right direction. For me myself being an immigrant and moving to this country as a young age I didn’t identify with a lot of things. Especially I didn’t connect with any Disney movies." 

“I just think that it’s important for little girls especially biracial or little Black girls to be able to identify with a character in these Disney movies," Serrano said. 

“Taking that step in putting a more diverse face in the remake of this classic story pushes Disney forward and for such a big historical brand to do that that’s had influence for decades it represents real value for kids who are watching them now," Lynch said. 

However, Disney has not always been so forward thinking.

Classics on Disney+ now starting with disclaimers to explain a shift from some of the racist undertones depicted in some of their older films. 

“When they first launched Disney+ in the fall of 2019 when they introduced these disclaimers with these older movies and saying this is the context in which you are going to watch this movie and keep that in mind as you see these stereotypes perpetuated in this movie, "Lynch said. 

“Realizing hey if we are going to have a new generation of kids coming in to watch these movies... then we should educate them and let them know what the context were and when those movies were made, movies like the first originally animated 'Dumbo,' 'Peter Pan' had those racial and ethnic stereotypes just as the butt of a joke or a punchline,” Lynch said. 

Disney fans we spoke with were happy with the changes. 

“They were obviously stereotypes, literally the crows in 'Dumbo' were based on Jim Crow," moviegoer, Raven Hopkins said. 

Hopkins is not turned off from other Disney titles. 

"Not as an adult because they are not still making those mistakes. It’s a thing that happened and I recognize it," Hopkins said. 

Casting aside, some of the youngest movie goers we spoke with gave us their honest opinion of the film. 

“I saw the new mermaid movie and it was super cool." Booklyn Battles said. 

Brooklyn Buckner agreeing, “It was great! And I’m giving it 100 points.”

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