SAN ANTONIO — The lineup of administrators is a little different than what you would expect at this secondary level campus.

You heard it for the last two years there's been all women in charge… 6 of them to be exact.

"Being females we are just like yeah girl power," says Brackenridge principal Yesenia Cordova.

"There were no gene biases, here that's just how the team landed," she says. "We didn't notice right away. It was our other colleagues. "

 Assistant principal, Sonia Guerrero, didn't even notice the unique set up. But, for these principals, it works.

"We are all kind of like puzzle pieces and everyone plays a special part here at Brackenridge," Guerrero says.

And if you asked the kids, they love it too.

"Its like you have a bunch of moms and you are always fine because it feels like home," says Skye Thomas, a junior at the school.

 These ladies say they run these halls like their second home

"We feel like these are our kids. A lot of times," Cordova says.

"It definitely is a family dynamic. The kids even call me mom. I'm not Ms. Guerrero even when I am scolding them I am scolding them with a smile and I tell them that I love them. Thy are my children," Guerrero says.

 With a over 90% graduation rate they must be doing something right...that's the most rewarding part of the job

"I think more than anything that the sky is the limit.  That your dreams can come true and you know as leaders women can be CEOs of companies and run big organizations and be principals, anything that they want to be the sky is the limit and your dreams can come true."