FLORESVILLE, Texas — Kailey Turner loves the color pink, her family, the subject anatomy, acting, modeling and animals. She really loves animals.

"I want to be a famous veterinarian," she said.

She has a dog, cat, rabbit and two parakeets. The 11-year-old also has a positive outlook on life.

"Even though I have a disability, Turner said. "'I just keep going. And I still try my best."

Caleb and Gina Turner knew something was wrong with their only daughter and baby child.

"She met all her milestones. But when it was time for her to take off and walk, she would stay stuck," Gina Turner said.

It took them seven years to find out she had Spinal Muscular Atrophy-type 3. The disease impacts her motor nerve cells, so it affects the way she walks.

Turner said her daughter walks with a gate. According to her mother, she can't walk long distances, so she uses a wheelchair.

"You have all these plans goals for your daughter," Turner said. "And whenever we got the diagnosis all of that came to a crumble."

Turner was an active student in school as a cheerleader, dance team member and more.

"I can't do sports or stuff like that, so I was like, maybe I could try acting and modeling."

Kailey also successfully took on pageants. The path to victory was not easy.

"Kailey actually fell on stage when she was doing her walk," Turner said. 

The budding pageant queen cried and wanted no more to do with the contest. After a pep talk with her inner circle, she continued that pageant and won.

Her acting landed her role in a local commercial spot. Kailey's modeling at a fashion show caught the attention of a scout in the audience.

"I was kind of nervous. Do they know she walks? Do they know she uses a wheelchair?" Turner wondered.

The scout said Kailey was accepted as is and they wanted her to participate in a show during Fashion Week in New York.

Brothers Dyllan and Cade, father Caleb and her mom all traveled to the Big Apple to watch Kailey's big moment on the catwalk.

"They were like, 'oh this little girl really looks good,'" Kailey said. "So, I got my hair and make-up done."

Kailey had to decide if she'd make the catwalk with her bedazzled wheelchair.

"Some of the other models were like — 'how are you going to do what we do?'" Turner said. You know because some of them have some fancy walks."

Kailey decided to use the wheelchair. With a little help, she was wheeled down a portion of the catwalk.

"And there was this X and I got up, she said. " And I did my little poses."

Turner said her family was nearly in tears. Her daughter had achieved something they never thought she would.

Kailey is a daddy's girl. But she inspires her mother and others too.

The reigning Miss Young of Wilson County is getting ready to compete for the state title. SMA was not her stop sign. It has become her memory maker.

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