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'Keto' trend is more than a diet, it's a lifestyle

Many people are turning to the Keto Diet, not just to lose weight, but to adopt a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

SAN ANTONIO — The Keto Diet is enticing many people who want to lose weight in 2019. The notoriously strict rules require lowering your carbohydrates and replacing them with fats.

"The Keto Diet is essentially a very low-carb diet, but we do increase the fats, eliminating all that flour and all that starch and you are really focusing on the some protien and some fat," Dr. Vidhya Illuri of University Health said.

That means that people can eat high fat foods like bacon, cream cheese and butter and still see significant weight loss results. But, Dr. Illuri says that may not be the smartest way to go.

"The weight loss is clear, people are losing weight on this diet, if they go what I think is the healthier route, or if they go, 'eh, not so sure about that route and all the processed food', people will lose weight. But I think there is still a question of the long term effects and we just don't know," Dr. Illuri said.

The "health route" includes clean eating and quality fats instead of processed foods. Dr. Illuri recommends olive oil and avocados for health fats, and wild-caught salmon and grass-fed beef for the protiens. She also recommends cauliflower, broccoli and greens like spinach and lettuce.

But, there is a risk of the so-called Keto Flu.

"There's something called the Keto Flu, which sometimes people experience, and its like these headaches when they are going off of carbs. And usually its people who were heavily devoted to carbs and high sugar diets before," Dr. Illuri said.