A woman accused of stealing money from a youth sports league is now facing charges as a result of the allegations.

Katherine Totten was arrested and booked into the Bandera County Jail Wednesday morning on a charge of theft. Totten posted a $5,000 bond and was released on Wednesday afternoon.

A Bandera County Grand Jury indicted Totten on Tuesday. According to the indictment, Totten took money from the Bandera Youth Soccer Association without permission back in August.

Totten used to be the league's treasurer.

The organization claims Totten admitted to taking more than $17,000 without board approval.

Totten resigned a short time later.

Initially, the Bandera County Sheriff's Office treated this case as a civil matter, but an official at the sheriff's office told KENS 5 that it became a criminal case when Totten failed to properly return the money.

In an email sent to KENS 5, Totten's attorney Phil Meyer said:

"Our position has been that Ms. Totten has merely reimbursed herself for BYSO expenses which she paid out of her, or her business’, own funds."

Meyer added that his client may sue the soccer organization to recover any money owed to Totten or her business, Quick Draw Payroll.

Totten will be in court December 18, 2017 for an arraignment.