An investigation is underway in Bandera after tens of thousands of dollars from a youth sports league went missing.

The Bandera Youth Soccer Organization and Bandera County Sheriff's Office are conducting an investigation and the person at the focus of that investigation is the BYSO's former treasurer.

KENS 5 spoke to the treasurer on Monday. She declined our request for an interview, citing legal reasons, but she also said that she was not aware of the specific allegations against her.

The treasurer's name is being withheld since she has not been formally charged with a crime at this time.

Sources close to the investigation tell KENS 5 that more than $17,000 went missing from the BYSO bank account. When confronted about the missing money, we're told that the treasurer resigned.

The treasurer is the co-owner of a bookkeeping business in Bandera called Quick Draw.

The president of that company sent KENS 5 a statement, which said:

Quick Draw recognizes the levity of these accusations and wants to ensure our clients and the entire community that we feel confident that Quick Draw’s employees will be fully vindicated once the facts of the situation are fully revealed. The accusation that funds were misallocated is a complete misnomer as no funds were ever misallocated and all funds in question were used for Bandera Youth Soccer Organization (BYSO) business. We plan to work diligently with BYSO to resolve this matter and in a show of good faith, we provided BYSO a short-term loan to ensure they met all cash obligations while this matter was being resolved. We take care of our community and look out for those organizations that provide our children opportunity.

A representative from the Bandera County Sheriff's Office confirms that there is an open investigation into these allegations, however they are treating it as a civil matter and not a criminal one at this time.