Foot patrols are finally happening on San Antonio's east side, months after police first announced them as a measure to keep crime down there.

When the sun sets on New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio police officers patrol the street on foot. It’s a relief for businesses that operate on New Braunfels, a corridor SAPD has described as having a high crime rate.

“We’ve had stuff broken into, stereos missing out of the customers' cars, stuff like that,” said a business owner who didn’t want to be identified.

When east-side crime spiked at the beginning of the year, police announced foot patrols on New Braunfels Ave from Burleson Street to East Houston Street.

It's unclear what days the patrols are happening. San Antonio police first said that the patrols would happen five days a week. Later, the councilman who represents the east side said that they will only have foot patrols three days a week.

Police didn't want to comment on Tuesday, saying that the chief of police will be on the east side in a few days to make the announcement.

At a meeting of east-side residents, people were skeptical that foot patrols are the sole solution to the east side’s problems.

“It's probably a combination of things,” resident Mary Hardees said. “It's people not being scared to say this is going on and it’s not expecting someone else to take care of it.”

Police said that another reason for the delay in implementing the foot patrols was body cameras. Officers involved in east-side patrols had to be trained and equipped with the cameras before they could patrol the streets on foot.