Deadly east-side violence continued in San Antonio on Friday as a man was shot and killed at Lone Oak and Dorie.

The gunman opened fire as the man rode a bicycle down the street.

The victim's parents, family and friends, and the community have said that they were all filled with anger and agony as they heard the news Friday afternoon.

As of Friday night, San Antonio police were still searching for suspects in this latest outbreak of deadly violence on the east side.

There’s been so much gun violence recently that the city is now treating shootings like a public health threat.

There’s even a new program that sends trained people into high-crime neighborhoods to see if mediation can make a difference.

They're easy to spot. They wear bright yellow shirts and they show up at virtually every major east San Antonio crime scene. The trained outreach workers are investing time and heart in an effort to get people to talk, not shoot.

They're called “violence interrupters” and they work for Metro Health.

"They are from the neighborhoods that they work in. They come from different, diverse backgrounds, where people can relate to them. So they are very effective in being able to communicate and cultivate change in their neighborhoods,” said Mycheryl Rice with Metro Health.

The “Stand Up S.A.” motto is a simple one and it seems like it would work:

"Stop Shooting People."

The neighborhood leaders the KENS 5 spoke to said that it’s a good idea but more needs to be done, but residents who watch violent scenes from behind the crime tape know that this is an important effort.

"These guys are steadily putting their lives at risk being in these types of environments,” neighborhood advocate Walter Perry said. "These efforts are needed much, much more. So we need more people to come. It can't just be one or two organizations. It has to be a collective effort."

For more on Stand Up S.A., you can visit their official website here.