SAN ANTONIO -- In a video from 2015 Officer Gary Nel is seen body slamming a DUI suspect. A year later, Nel's police work is back in question. But this time he apparently took a much less aggressive approach to his job.

In July, Nel was suspended 30 days after he failed to cover a fellow officer outside a Whataburger off of Northwest Loop 410, who was dealing with an intoxicated man causing a disturbance.

The incident report states that when Officer Nel arrived at the Whataburger, the manager asked him if he was there to assist with the intoxicated person outside. He responded no and said that he was there to eat.

As officers dealt with suspect Aaron Navarro, Nel sat in the back corner inside the restaurant, eating.

The officer outside had to call for backup because Nel wouldn't help, according to the suspension paperwork.

Navarro was eventually arrested.

When Officer Nel was asked what happened that night, he told internal affairs that nothing happened, that he was eating Whataburger and he saw two officers outside with a person already handcuffed.

SAPD declined KENS 5’s request for an interview.

Nel was previously suspended for failing to find drugs on a suspect. Also recently, he was transferred out of traffic after an altercation.