They're designed to slow traffic and protect students, but KENS 5 discovered a San Antonio school that doesn't have school zone signs.

A large sign on the side of San Antonio ISD's Nelson Early Childhood Education Center advertising its August opening is the only thing letting people know that there is a school operating off Waverly and Elmendorf near Culebra.

The former elementary closed a few years ago and re-opened in August as a facility for 3- and 4-year-olds.

But there was one problem.

No one from SAISD formally requested school zone signage from the city until this month, after a citizen called city leaders.

"It was through a 3-1-1 request and as soon as we saw that, saw what was going on, discussed it with the school district as well just earlier this week," said Art Reinhardt, assistant director of the City of San Antonio's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department.

"While in the summer we advised the city of the re-opening of the school, there was not, from what I can tell, a formal request for a school zone sign," said Leslie Price, a spokeswoman for SAISD.

The lack of signage caught some parents off guard.

"It was a surprise to me because you're supposed to have a school zone with kids. We gotta make sure they're safe," parent Marcelo Flores said.

Because the children at Nelson are required to be escorted by a parent or guardian, there won't be a full-blown school zone created here, but Reinhardt told KENS 5 that signs will be put up.

"We looked at the request this week, contacted the citizen, and discussed with the school district, and we'll be out next week installing some school warning signs and advisory speed limits," Reinhardt said.

Price told KENS 5 that in addition to reviewing its procedures, SAISD will also be going back and looking at all of the campuses that have recently re-opened to make sure there's proper signage around each one of them.