Dilley police are preparing to invite state investigators in to examine a possible case of arson that one man feels is political retaliation.

Gilbert Ortiz woke up Saturday around 3:30 a.m. to find his 2002 Ford Mustang engulfed in flames.

"I wasn't scared. It made me mad," said Ortiz.

Ortiz is convinced this was no accident.

He recently ran for mayor, but lost by just more than a dozen votes.

"I was looking into and investigating what happened in my election, and this is the result of it," Ortiz said.

He believes the car was torched because he uncovered illegal activity.

"We had people voting who are not citizens of the United States," Ortiz said.

Making matters worse, he says responding officers didn't want to help when they found his car on fire.

"I asked the two who were there, are you going to investigate this and they said no," he said. "I asked why not, they said there's no reason to investigate it, your car caught on fire."

KENS 5 called the Dilley Police Department looking for answers. Within an hour, a Dilley police officer arrived and began investigating.

"We're going to get a hold of the state fire marshal and see if, when, they can come down here and possibly investigate it, see if it was arson or tell us what exactly started the fire," Dilley Police Chief Jerry Reyna said.

The chief won't comment about Ortiz's allegations, but Ortiz has a message for anyone who may have burned his car.

"Oh man, let me tell you, it motivates me more, it motivates me more because I have the power of the people behind me that really motivates me," he said.