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You can sign a petition to request lawmakers reduce power prices from the winter storm

The one action you can take to potentially help reduce your power bill from the winter storm.

TEXAS, USA — Prices skyrocketed for power during the winter blast in February. Many power companies, including CPS Energy, are trying to work out how much of that cost will get passed on to you, the consumer.

There is a petition you can sign online to let your opinion on the prices be heard. It is by the Texans Against Abusive Pricing. The petition is at change dot org. It is asking the Texas Legislature and state leaders to take action to reduce bills for consumers.

“The group is working with the legislators and the industry experts and insiders to help set the record straight and send the message to more legislators that the abuse and pricing that the government regulators can't stand and that it must be fixed by our legislators and the government regulators,” said Shane Cawood with Hartman Income REIT Management, who is supporting the petition.

“We think a lot of folks don't even know that this is going to impact them. They haven't seen their bills yet.”

Cawood said the first bill his company received for properties it manages was $609,000. That bill is normally about $30,000.

The state legislature did not pass a bill to reduce costs within the 30 days the contracts for fuel and power providers were finalized. Yet, the reality is, the state legislature can act at any time.