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Secret menu items at Bill Miller, Whataburger and more!

Restaurant offerings are listed on the menu, but there is often classified cuisine you may want to taste. Here is a look at secret menu items.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — You might not even need to take a look at Bill Miller’s menu. You already know what is on it.

“We go with what customers like,” said Jim Guy Egbert, president and CEO of Bill Miller. “They vote with their wallet and they vote with what they order. So, whatever is popular, we’re going to keep on the menu.”

Yet there are dishes not listed, secretive snacks you might be missing.

“We also have limited space on our menu,” said Egbert.

One of the most popular items not on the menu is the Wild Bill. It is a brisket poor boy with sausage added to it.

“Named by a customer of ours decades ago who came up with the name and it just stuck,” said Egbert.

Or try the breakfast bowl. First, pick your protein.

“Sausage, carne guisada, bacon, ham, turkey, brisket,” said Egbert. “It doesn’t matter.”

Add in potatoes, eggs, and beans plus tortillas to it to make it a full meal.

Other off menu dishes include the Wrangler Plate, which is a chicken filet sandwich with no bun and add two sides with gravy.

Put coleslaw on any sandwich. 

Or stick bacon on the carne guisada taco. 

You can also special order some confidential cuisine at Whataburger.

Add grilled veggies to the grilled cheese.

Or order a spin on the southern classic chicken and waffles with chicken strips and pancakes.

Go ranchero style and heat up your breakfast by putting picante sauce along with jalapenos on the breakfast bun.

Plus, go low carb by ordering the Whataburger bunless and add bacon.

In-N-Out Burger has a not-so-secret menu.

Order your burger Animal Style and you will get a mustard cooked beef patty with pickles, caramelized onions and extra spread in addition to the regular toppings of cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Or try the Animal Style fries topped with a slice of cheese, grilled onions and sauce.

Sushi Zushi’s regular menu is mostly made up of what were once secret menu items.

“Especially here in San Antonio, we have chefs from everywhere and they have their own condiments, especially here in San Antonio a lot of Mexican condiments, and they can start dropping those into the rolls and create something totally new,” said Alfonso Tomita, the restaurant founder.

He said the secret menu items are tested with guests and then get put on the next printing of the menu if they become popular.

“It’s part of the process,” said Tomita. “Then chefs gets excited and customers get excited. It’s always a renewal. There’s always something new that’s been created.”

The newest off menu item is the thermal roll.

“It has a goyza inside,” said Tomita.

A goyza is like a potsticker. The roll includes katana sauce, cream cheese and Serrano chilies rolled uramaki style. It is wrapped with avocado and topped with Sriracha sauce and Japanese rice crackers. It is garnished with tempura carrots, drizzled in LIR sauce.

Proceeds from purchase of the Thermal Roll go to support people in the restaurant business who lost jobs.

Or order an Austin Roll with kanikama crab, tempura fried julienne carrots and avocado rolled uramaki style. It is topped with spicy tuna and habanero masago then drizzled with spicy sashimi sauce.

Also, taste the Katana Roll. It has kanikama crab, cilantro, avocado and Katana sauce rolled uramaki style and wrapped in torched albacore tune then topped with green onions.

Sushi Zushi also features these off-menu items:

The Jen Roll was created for a Sushi Zushi bartender who had cancer. The revenue from the rolls went towards her treatment. It has spicy kanikama crab and kaiware sprouts rolled uramaki style and wrapped with tuna, salmon and yellowtail fish and drizzled with wasabi cream sauce.

The Saturday Roll features fried shrimp, cream cheese and Tampa Bay sauce rolled uramaki style then wrapped with avocado and topped with Kushi-Agge sauce.

The Spy Roll has spicy scallops, green onions and avocado wrapped with salmon and yellowtail that is drizzled with LIR sauce.

The Valentine’s Roll has soft-shell crab and avocado rolled uramaki style and wrapped with fresh salmon and tuna.

They are rolls for those looking for traditional sushi alternatives.

 “A lot of them are adventurous diners,” he said. “They want something new.”

The adventure only begins with these options. Sushi Zushi offers at least 30 off menu rolls. The only limit is your palate and imagination.