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Winter power outages recognized as possibility, ERCOT report says

ERCOT released its 2021/2022 winter assessment detailing what the grid operator expects the power supply to be for this winter.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — ERCOT said in this 21 page report it is taking a new, aggressive approach to managing the electric grid for winter. 

This after the deadly, February winter story left San Antonio without power and heat for days.

The report says there will be enough power this winter under normal conditions. The report stated it includes a new extreme low temperature risk scenarios.

The caveat here, is the power outages from the February winter storm were not included in the analysis because they are considered an anomaly. 

The bottom line is there could still be power outages this winter, especially if we are hit with more extreme winter weather. ERCOT recognizes that is a possibility. 

It's unlikely we will see another storm of that magnitude but because the grid is still vulnerable, it is best to prepare now before the cold weather becomes severe.