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Pruning trees can save you money. Here's how.

It is tree-trimming season. And while it's a bit too early to trim the Christmas tree for most of us, your outdoor greenery might need to be clipped.

SAN ANTONIO — Pruning trees could save you major money so fallen limbs don't damage your property in the future. Dead wood on trees creates dead weight.

“It could land on someone’s home, on a family member, and those are just the worst case scenarios that you could ever imagine,” said Ziggy Nyiri, an arborist with Knotty By Nature Tree Care. “It could be detrimental to someone’s health, their life, their safety and peoples' property.”

He recommended having a professional prune your large trees before limbs fall, because trimming can be dangerous work.

“All it takes is enough rainfall or a really strong wind storm,” Nyiri said.

It's weather we are likely to see this time of year, but it is also the time of year to trim.

“Everything is slowing down. The temperature is going down a bit, so the actual flow of nutrients and everything is slowing down a little bit and the tree will be able to respond more positively to any pruning that’s done as we get into the colder months,” Nyiri said.

“A large tree should be about every two to three years between trimmings,” added Tim Jackson, an arborist with Davey Tree Expert Company.

Jackson said it's easy to tell when you need to prune.

“We can see how this branch is drooping down and getting heavy,” said Jackson. “The tree could probably do without some of this weight.”

Yet, tree owners can do without unexpected expenses.

“Emergencies probably cost on the order of 20% more than jut your standard pruning visit,” said Jackson. “So your better money is spent in prevention rather than in reaction.”

An estimate for a price on pruning is free.

“Evaluate your trees, give you an idea what might need pruning now, might be a hazard,” Jackson said. “Address those concerns first and you can always do parts. You don’t have to do everything at once.”

It is better to intentionally trim limbs then let them come crashing down on their own, leaving you some potentially big repair bills.

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