Child Care Licensing, the group responsible for inspecting and regulating daycares, is investigating the Guardian Angel Child Development Center in San Antonio after they received a complaint and videos alleging that the owner of the daycare was leaving children unattended in vehicles, which is against the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services rules for transporting children.

A concerned viewer sent Eyewitness Wants To Know videos that, she says, shows the owner leaving children unattended. She didn't want to reveal her identity because she was afraid of retaliation.

"What happens if the kid chokes on a candy they got from school or what happens if a child has a seizure or a little boy is having a seizure or a little kid gets punched in the face? How is that going to be explained for that parent?" she asked.

The owners of Guardian Angel, Susan and Eliberto Guerra, spoke to Eyewitness Wants To Know over the phone. They said that the children are not left alone in the van and that, most of the time, there is another adult supervisor present in the vehicle.

Another woman, who also didn't want to be identified, worked at the center for more than a decade. She said that the center didn't comply with staff-to-children ratios.

"A lot of times, we were out of ratio. Another one was leaving equipment out that children can get a hold of and get hurt with," she said.

Child Care Licensing reports show that Guardian Angel has been cited for not meeting required child-to-staff ratios and for not always buckling up children before driving. Child Care Licensing said that they have never taken any kind of corrective action on the operation because Guardian Angel has always fixed their mistakes in a timely manner.

The owners of Guardian Angel told Eyewitness Wants To Know that the citations they received have all been corrected and were one-time problems.

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