SAN ANTONIO - The incessant crowing of roosters is the soundtrack of life for people who live in the Greenhill Village area in north San Antonio.

Neighbors said there is one house in the 200 block of Greenhill Pass that is home to a large flock of feathered noise makers.

One resident, who didn’t want to be identified, said he believes his neighbor has more than 30 chickens in backyard pens.

"They're crowing pretty much every moment of the day, even during the night," the man said, adding that the birds aren’t the only issue.

He said food and waste related to the fowl have created an abundant habitat for rats.

“My dog caught one this morning and started running around with it. My mom tried to get it out of its mouth. I don't want my dog picking up rats like she did this morning, and who knows if they have poison in them or anything,” the neighbor complained.

San Antonio city code stipulates homeowners can have no more than three fowl in a residential setting and a current violation is pending against the property owner.

Spokesmen for both Animal Care Services and Code Compliance said they are looking into what additional enforcement action can be taken to bring the property owner into compliance and get most of the roosters roosting somewhere else.

If you have a problem, email or call 210-377-8647.