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Eyewitness Wants To Know: Residents towed from their own apartment complex

Many San Antonio residents have more than one vehicle. But what if the owner of your home said you could only have one?

Many San Antonio residents have more than one vehicle. But what if the owner of your home said you could only have one?

That's the dilemma for some people living in one apartment complex in northwest Bexar County.

Tara Harper lives at the Paso Fino Apartments on Shaenfield, outside Loop 1604. She got a second car when her teenagers became old enough to drive.

"Nobody in this day and age has one car, especially with two teenagers," Harper said.

The problem is that her apartment complex only allows residents on the lease to have a parking pass.

"They want you to get a pass like this every three days, and if this pass is not in your vehicle, and even if it is in your vehicle, your vehicle is getting towed," Harper said.

A spokesperson for the complex told KENS 5 that the policy is designed to prevent cars that don't belong to residents from taking up all the spots.

"I understand fully that cars need to be taken if they're not rightfully supposed to be there, but when you have to resort to towing your residents’ cars multiple times, not just once, multiple times, there's a problem," Harper said.

So far, Tara has spent more than $900 in towing fees. KENS 5 talked to others at the complex who’ve had similar experiences.

"It's a nightmare. You have to sit with the door open to listen for the tow trucks to come and be picking up cars," Harper explained.

Harper explained that she got a violation notice a couple of weeks ago when she complained about the parking situation to a potential new resident she met in the apartment lobby. She said that she just wants the parking problems to stop.

"I don't know what the outcome will be for me, but I don't want anyone else to have to go through this," Harper lamented.

A representative from HomeSpring Residential Services, which operates the Paso Fino Apartments released the following statement to KENS 5:

Our corporate office has not been made aware of any of these allegations. Our corporate number is readily available for residents. We encourage all residents to let our corporate office know of any issues they are unable to resolve at the property so that we can help find a solution.