SAN ANTONIO -- Residents in a northwest neighborhood said their community is being destroyed by one bad neighbor.

Neighbors told Eyewitness Wants to Know that they've been threatened, had rocks thrown at them, had their lawns flooded because one neighbor would turn their water on in the middle of the night and have even had their tires and hoses slashed.

"I've been attacked by rocks, another neighbor has been attacked with a shovel," one neighbor said.

Most didn't want to appear on camera because they were afraid of retaliation from the man. One woman had all four of her tires slashed earlier this week and had to pay for a tow truck and $700 for new tires. She said between that and the money she has had to spend on installing surveillance cameras, she's fed up.

Another neighbor has video footage of the man welding at 3 a.m. and another video showing the man turning on his water main and attempting to flood his yard. The situation got so bad the neighbor had to put locks on his water main to keep the bad neighbor from tampering with it.

Homeowners told EWTK they've been calling the police almost weekly about this neighbor for years.

"The issue we're running into is that every time we try to contact the individual, he does not come to the door. We have no probable cause, nothing that is going to cause us to knock down that individual's doors to go and get him," said officer Doug Greene, SAPD spokesperson.

Greene said officers have encouraged the neighbors to install video cameras to gather more evidence that can help their investigation. He also said they believe, based on this neighbor's erratic behavior, that there could be a mental health issue.

Greene said SAPD would like to conduct an assessment by their mental health unit, but again, the neighbor would have to agree to the assessment, or there would have to be some sort of imminent danger for them to require it.

Neighbors are worried that nothing will be done until it's too late.

"He's going to cross the line, someone is going to get hurt. It's going to come to the point where it's going to be after the fact; hat we could have done. The signs are here, what more do you need?" another homeowner said.

Some neighbors said they have purchased guns for their protection, and others are planning to move out of the neighborhood.

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