Several residents in the San Antonio area are angry because they say a local mechanic didn't fix their vehicles and some even said that their vehicles have disappeared off his lot.

Jim Raby took his truck to All Star Engine Installation Center last November to get the engine on his truck rebuilt. Almost a year later, he says his truck never got fixed and he's had to sell it as junk.

"This went on for about nine months where it was taken to him more than 20 to 25 times after he had been paid for the original job," Raby said.

Raby noted that that sometimes he'd pick up his truck and not make it down the street before it broke down. He says he lost thousands of dollars in tow trucks and rentals.

"Every time he would call me to tell me it was done, it would have a problem or the whole engine would completely go out within 100 miles or within one day of picking it up," Raby recalled.

Another customer, Billy Dean, says that after he dropped his truck off to get his motor rebuilt, he had similar problems. He says he took his truck back to All Star half a dozen times and, on the final time, he was told that his truck was stolen off the lot. He eventually took owner Alex Olvera to court and was awarded $2,500 for the truck. But he says he never got the $2,000 he spent to get his motor rebuilt back.

"When I finally got all the money from him, I invested in another vehicle. I'm disabled and everything, $2,500 is hard to come by," Dean said.

Both men said that they kept taking their vehicles back to All Star because the store gives all their customers a two-year warranty and they had already paid in full.

Eyewitness Wants to Know tracked down owner Alex Olvera at All Star to find out what was going on. Olvera said that he's owned All Star for five years and says that out of the hundreds of customers he's serviced, there are only a few unhappy ones.

"Some customers... you can't make everyone happy, I got a few customers with a few issues," Olvera said.

He admits that four vehicles have been stolen from his lot in the past few years.

"I worry because they're my customers. I worry that they lost their cars, of course. I know it's hard to get money to buy a car," Olvera said.

All Star Engines Installation has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Jim Raby took his truck to another mechanic to document what he says was poor work by All Star. He has pictures that he says are evidence. Olvera responded, saying that there's no way to prove that those pictures document All Star's work.

Raby plans to file a lawsuit against Olvera soon to recover the money he lost.

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