Residents on Mayo Drive off of South Callaghan Road on the far west side are fed up with truck drivers using their dead end road for what they say appears to be "training.

One resident took a video with his cell phone that shows a white truck turning around at the end of the road. The man recording the video stops the driver and his passenger and confronts them.

"Y'all can't be using this street for a training course. This isn't a training course. We have children and you guys go back up and down for days already. Y'all can't be doing that. I'm about to call Eyewitness News because [the company] should know better. [The company makes] millions of dollars and they should have their own training course, not our streets," he said in the video.

The residents in the neighborhood believe that the trucks are coming from an Amazon facility that is about a quarter mile away from their road on South Callaghan Road. While KENS 5 cannot confirm if the trucks belong Amazon, the neighbors say they're fed up no matter who owns the trucks.

"They come down here about three, four of them with different drivers, different passengers, and they constantly go up and down at the end of the street. It's a dead end street. I guess they're trying to teach," one neighbor said.

Neighbors say that the trucks usually come anywhere from six to 12 times a day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. While the neighbors say that the trucks are annoying, they're mostly worried about the safety of the kids who play on the street.

Eyewitness Wants To Know reached out to Amazon several times on Thursday in an attempt to verify if the trucks belong to them. Amazon has not responded to our inquiry.


Right after our story aired, Amazon sent a statement to KENS 5 admitting that the trucks were their and that they are moving.

The statement reads:

"We spoke with our local delivery service provider and they agreed to move their trainings elsewhere."

Amazon did not specify whether they will conduct their training on another public road on another street or whether they will conduct trainings on a formal training course on private property.

We will update if we hear back from the company.

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