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Drivers pay for more than a tank of gas with a fuel mix up

Pain at the pump. A look at who is responsible for damage when you get the wrong fuel even though you used the correct pump.
gas pump

KERRVILLE, Texas — It was drivers who paid the price for much more than a tank of gas.

Gas prices are low, but a tank of gas at the Valero/Circle K station on Sideny Baker Highway next door to the police station in Kerrville ended up costing John Menn several hundred dollars.

 “They were all thinking they were getting gasoline,” he said.

His receipt said $28.01 for “unleaded” gas. His repair bill said something much different.

 “$400 in the hole, basically,” Menn said.

The repair bill reads “bad fuel from valero.”

 “I filled up my gas tank in my truck with what I thought was gasoline,” Menn said. “Turned out to be diesel.”

It only took a few miles on the road for him to realize there was problem.

“Engine knocking really seriously, like a hammering effect," Menn said. "Sounded like a jack hammer under the hood and it just wouldn’t run. Wouldn’t accelerate, blowing smoke.”

The cost for repairs came out his pocket. Now he is looking for who is responsible. It was difficult for drivers, even KENS 5, to get answers to who is responsible for the fuel mix up. Valero said to call the gas station. Here is what KENS 5 was told when we called:

 “We’re not allowed to give any of that information,” said the person who picked up the phone.

Drivers finally told KENS 5 it was Texas TransEastern, the company that delivers the gas, that offered to reimburse them for their repair bills.

Calls for comment to Texas Transeastern were never returned.

 “Never again,” said Menn about using the gas station again.

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