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Home renovations you should make to stand out in a hot housing market

Homeowners are taking advantage of the hot housing market to sell their houses for top-dollar. You'll want to make these remodels to get the highest selling price.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Before you rip up your home for a remodel, do some research.

“People say, 'Hey, I’ve done $10,000 worth of remodel work.' That doesn’t mean necessarily you can add $10,000 to your market value,” said Sara Briseno Gerrish, a realtor with the San Antonio Board of Realtors.

Make sure your remodel does not price your home out of the neighborhood.

“You want to be able to do updates and upgrades to your home that are going to match the surrounding area,” said Jason Apt of J.A. Real Estate Investing, who does both remodels and real estate. “You don’t want to put too much in your home that if you’re going to put $10,000 into your kitchen and bathroom, are you really going to get that investment back when you sell?”

Spend your money where you spend your time. Big budget remodels should be made to kitchens, primary bedroom and bathrooms.

“That’s typically where you’re going to see your highest return,” Briseno Gerrish said.

“As for personal comfort, I always recommend that people start in the bathroom,” said Abt. “You’re going to be taking showers and everything like that. So you want to have a spacious bathroom that you could essentially market when it’s time to sell.”

“If you want to do a full kitchen overhaul, I would highly recommend trying to maximize your counter space and cabinet space,” added Erik Bildman, with Sundae Homebuyers.

Or keep it budget-friendly with a few simple changes.

“Adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets can really enhance the esthetic,” Bildman said. 

Because of work-from-home lifestyles, a workspace can also add to a home’s appeal.

“A lot of people are going to be looking at 'Is there a space I could work from home?'" Briseno Gerrish said.

 Modify your current space to make office space.

“Adding a barn door to it, to a formal dining room that you can open when you want to use it as a dining room and keep closed for privacy during the day as an office,” said Bildman.

Or, redo an extra bedroom.

“We eliminated a bedroom and allowed them to turn that into an open office room area,” said Abt.

Do not forget the outside. More time at home means more time in the backyard.

“Adding a fire pit, little things like that can make the space more enjoyable,” Bildman said.

Add curb appeal for cheap.

“Could we use a coat of paint? Perhaps plant some flowers,” Briseno Gerrish said.

Comfort and convenience are at the top of many home buyers' list of requirements. But maybe you want to make some small upgrades for yourself to enjoy while you are in your home.

A lighted toilet paper holder costs about $40 and can make those nighttime trips to the bathroom easier to navigate.

“It’s going to give you that soft illuminated glow where you need it most,” said Kathryn Emery, a home improvement and lifestyle expert.

It is battery operated and you will need to change the batteries about three times a year.  

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