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Bargaining tips to help you save big bucks | Eyewitness Wants to Know

It is a simple way to save, but we hate to haggle. KENS 5 has five ways to help you bargain better for deeper discounts.

SAN ANTONIO — Bargaining can save you big bucks, and the first price does not have to be the final cost. Yet, many of us hate to haggle.

#1:  Forget about tough talk.

Instead, always be polite.

“So being aggressive means making a more specific ask,” said Andres Lares, a veteran negotiator for Shapiro Negotiations Institute. “Be aggressive on the amount of money that you want to discount, Things like that. It’s more about what you’re asking for, not how you’re asking for it. There are really few times where you’re better off being aggressive in sort of the approach because it’s off putting. But the idea is to not be emotional and try to not take it personally and not be personal.”

#2:  Do your research.

It will help you develop your negotiation strategy and boost your confidence.

“One of the lines we have is nothing convinces like conviction,” Lares said. “If you’re going in blind, you have no idea necessarily what something is worth, what it’s sold for. You’re not going to be very confident. If you think about it, you feel like, OK, I’m going to offer this much money because I know there’s two or three other houses sold on the same street for X amount or the cars or whatever, maybe you have more confidence in the way that you sort of make that ask.”

Also, research helps you set a base line for an offer.

“Understanding what the item would cost brand new will give you confidence to negotiate a fair price for the used item,” said Baruch Labunski who negotiates a lot for his business RankSecure. “A used item will be marked half off, but, in reality, it’s worth 30 percent of its original used value.”

#3: Ask for a discount.

Retailers drop prices frequently and call it a sale.

“As the store associate, do you have any coupons? Even those high-end stores sometimes have coupons,” said Andrea Woroch, a smart shopping expert. “I was at a store buying a couple new pieces of clothing and they gave me a 20 percent off coupon. So that was a nice bit of savings. My sister was a little bit embarrassed, but, hey, she used the deal, too.”

“You can also ask, rather than a discount, to add more value for the same price,” Lares said. "If you don't ask for it, you won't get it. Now, asking for it doesn't mean you'll get it exactly. You asked for it. So there is a difference, but it gives you a chance. 

#4:  Use cash.

Cash is king. It tells the seller you are serious and the deal can be done quickly.

“Negotiating always with cash because credit card and debit card companies charge the life out of the profit of stores and local owners are more likely to bring down the price if you have cash,” said Labunski. “And everyone likes having green in their registers.”

#5:  Be willing to walk away.

It does not mean you are done.

“A little break could be 10 minutes, could be half an hour,” Lares said. “Could be a day or an afternoon.”

Leave on good terms and always leave your number. The seller might call back with a deal.

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