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Deputy accused of organizing fights at Bexar County Jail

Complaints to KENS 5 helped prompt an investigation at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office that led to a deputy's termination and possible criminal charges.

Bexar County deputies are supposed to protect and guard inmates at the Bexar County jail, but a nearly-eight month long investigation by KENS 5 has uncovered allegation of at least one deputy doing the opposite.

In April, KENS 5 received several complaints from the families of inmates at the Bexar County Jail. Many of them mentioned the same deputy, Raul Gonzales.

They claimed that Gonzales was orchestrating fights among the inmates.

According to an incident report, an inmate was found in a cell on the morning of April 17, 2017 with a possible broken arm.

The inmate claimed four other inmates attacked him multiple times the afternoon before.

Investigators said that the "[injured inmate] stated [Deputy Gonzales] was opening the cell doors to allow them to come out."

Another inmate told investigators, "he observed [injured inmate] tell [Deputy Gonzales] he wanted out of the unit after being assaulted and [Deputy Gonzales] took off his duress box and then went to [the] control panel and notified Suspect 1, 2, 3 and 4 who were assaulting [another inmate]."

The duress box is used by officers to call for help. So with that gone, witnesses said that the men returned and attacked the injured inmate again, holding him down while one of them tried to sexually assault him.

According to a witness, "Suspect 1 was asking [Deputy Gonzales] if they could fight other inmates in the left side of the dayroom after assaulting [the injured inmate] the first time. [Deputy Gonzales] allowed it and opened the cell door."

KENS 5 obtained records that indicate in the same jail unit, BB, from April 11 through April 17, there were five reports of inmates concerned for their safety, and four complaints of assaults.

According to the documents, in one of the incidents the "[inmate] alleges 1st and 2nd detail officers are allowing assaults to occur."

KENS 5 contacted Sheriff Javier Salazar by phone back in April when we learned about the allegations.

The BCSO Public Integrity Unit launched an investigation, and on June 2, 2017, Deputy Gonzales's employment was terminated.

Gonzales was hired by BCSO in August 2016.

The Bexar County District Attorney's office says that this is still an open investigation.

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