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Call KENS: Why won't you whack the weeds?

The weeds are so high criminals are using them to hide and break into a man's father's home.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Ruben Menchaca says homeless people have been hiding in the overgrown weeds behind his father's old house and using the cover to break in. 

"I guess I should just be thankful they didn't burn down the house," said Menchaca. "Not only are they breaking in and staying in here, they're stealing what they think they can sell!" 

Menchaca's father lived in this home until he died last year, at the age of 101. Since then, Menchaca says he has been trying to keep up with the house to hopefully rent it. But, he says every time he fixes something, vagrants come in and either steal or tear it up.

The back of the house faces the I-10 service road and the state owns a small lot between Menchaca's property and the service road. The problem is, the state only mows a couple of times a year and the early rain this year allowed the weeds to grow 7-8 feet tall.

Menchaca said he called the state several times, even saying he would keep it mowed if the state would mow first and clean the rocks and debris out of the lot. He got nowhere...so he called KENS!

We called TxDOT which told us they do in fact only mow 2-3 times a year, but promised they would get a crew over to the problem area and get it mowed for Menchaca within 10 days. We went by two days later, at which point the lot had been mowed and all the weeds were gone.

If you have a problem like this, we want to help you fix it! In our new series, Call KENS, we do our best to solve problems for our viewers. The number is call is 210-470-KENS, or fill out the form on this page. 

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