KERNERSVILLE N.C. - An owl with a broken wing rescued from a median near the Union Cross Road exit in Kernersville is recovering after surgery. Trooper Landon Mendenhall saved the bird on Tuesday. The bird underwent surgery at the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville Saturday and on Sunday, he was moved to an outdoor enclosure known as a "condo."

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"He's super feisty," Rehabilitation Associate Rachel Wood said. "And he lets us know that he does not approve of humans! This is an excellent thing, since the goal is always to get the birds back into the wild where they belong."

However medical professionals aren't sure that that the owl will ever make it back into the wild.

"Currently, his prognosis is somewhat guarded," Wood said. "When we went in for his surgery, much of the muscles in his shoulder region were pretty torn up. Only time will tell how much that will heal. We can--and did--get the bones line up well, but only he can knit his muscles back together."

Wood says the owl will be on a diet similar to what he would eat in the wild - mice.