Are you the Sniffling Sally of your office? Can't seem to clear your sinuses? We're right with you.

In fact, so are your fellow KENS 5 Eyewitness News viewers. We asked you on Facebook how you find allergy relief and we had fun reading through all of your responses.

Soup, plenty of water and Vick's Vapor Rub were all very popular pieces of advice. A true testament to the culture of San Antonio was the recommendation of Caldo de Pollo, not just a run-of-the-mill can of soup.

Even though they aren't "at-home," you also shared your favorite over-the-counter secrets, too. Our Jeff Goldbatt seconds that. He says his OTC picks usually do the trick.

What about those of us who need something a bit stronger? KENS 5 viewers had some very interesting remedies to share.

Apple cider vinegar + honey + water + lemon:

You all sent us a few concoctions that included these ingredients. Apple cider vinegar is an old folk remedy that is said to be a cure for quite a bit of ailments. A few of you also noted to add bourbon to this. To each their own, of course, but it worked when I was sick on Christmas when I was 13.

ID=21476699Pineapple Juice:

I had never heard of this one myself, but I am going to have to try this.

From what I have read online (though we advise you in using medical advice from the web), the juice was used in a study to treat tuberculosis, an infectious respiratory disease. Researchers found a mixture of pineapple juice, pepper, salt and honey helped dissolve mucus.

Take a shower before bed to wash off the pollen/cedar:

We are working on getting this confirmed as helpful and not just a myth, but it makes sense right? If the counts are high enough, it can be seen on cars and other surfaces outdoors. Why not your body? Plus, steamy showers help open up sinuses.

Essential Oils:

These come from the flowers of various plants, but your fellow KENS 5 viewers' top recommendations are eucalyptus, lavender and spearmint. Fill a bowl with hot water and drops of your favorite oil. Place your face over it with a towel over your head for optimal steam and breathe deeply. You can also steam your bathroom using the shower or sink, but try not to be a water waster! Some viewers also recommended eucalyptus capsules. From what we have gathered, they do the same job but from the inside out. Always check with your primary care physician before taking vitamins or supplements.

Side note ladies: This oil + hot water mix is also a great hand soak for at-home manicures.

Hot bath with oils, epsom salt:

The magnesium in epsom salt is said to be an aid in relaxing your muscles. Throw the same oils mentioned above and your favorite bubble bath for relief.

Neti Pot:

This is a nasal drainage mechanism. It flushes out your sinuses and our Mayra Moreno swears by it. You can get them at most drug stores, however H-E-B does not sell them. They range in price from $9-$13 depending on sales and promotions.


I put this one in here because my mom used to do this. It's a spicy ingredient to sushi and has the same effect on your sinuses as a strong mint does -- moment of complete clarity. It may not be a permanent fix but it's a reason to treat yourself to sushi, right?


Vitamin C is great for your immune system. Emergen-C has 1,000 mG of the vitamin in a single 3 ounce packet. They come in various flavors. I recommend mixing it with a 4-6 ounces of water and chugging it or mix it with juice. There is a tangerine flavor that mixes well with orange juice. When I was a camp counselors we took these religiously to counteract kiddo germs in the summer. Some colleges pass these out during finals when stress makes students vulnerable to illness. You can get a box of 30 packets at H-E-B for about $10.


A shot of whiskey or tequila were both suggested. Again, to each their own but we advise you to be responsible, even with secret family remedies.