SAPD officer Miguel Moreno was shot and killed in the line of duty earlier this year. Now, his legacy lives on through four people who were gifted with his organs.

Officers Gabriel Mendoza and Arturo Hernandez have grown close to the Moreno family. The two are family assistance officers with SAPD. They have been alongside the Moreno family through the grieving process.

“Through his donation he continues to give,” Hernandez said. “Even though he's not with us anymore, his legacy still lives on.”

Hernandez and Mendoza tearfully read a letter written by Moreno’s brother, Officer Arturo Moreno.

It read: “Miguel loved serving his community and was known to be an outstanding police officer to many… Miguel was a handsome, healthy, intelligent and frugal individual.”

Clarissa Thompson, with the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, said Moreno's donation saved four lives.

“He was an amazing guy,” she said. “He already had such a commitment and service as part of SAPD but also continued to be a hero by registering as an organ donor."

Organ recipient Dot Delarosa knows exactly what it feels like to be saved by the gift of a donor.

“Thank God for people like him. It gives us a second chance at life. It gives our families a second chance at life. It gives us time,” she said.

Dot received a lung transplant seven years ago and says every day is a gift.

“The mundane things, the things that used to matter before, they just don't matter anymore,” she said.

That sacrifice by Officer Moreno provided the gift of life for so many, something that should be comforting to all who knew and loved him.