The flu has been particularly bad this year as the sickness spreads across Texas and has even claimed the lives of many people across the country.

It’s gotten so bad that one school in San Antonio has canceled classes Friday so that the facility can go through a “super clean” before classes restart after the Martin Luther King holiday.

On Thursday, the San Antonio Christian School posted this message on Facebook to those associated with the school:

ATTENTION: Our campus will be closed on Friday, January 12 for a Flu Day through Monday, January 15 for the Martin Luther King Holiday. While closed, our school will be launching a Super Clean of each classroom for the health of our faculty, staff and students. All scheduled events/games/activities from Friday January 12 - Monday January 15 are cancelled. Stay well!

When asked for further explanation, the school posted this:

Our city's Emergency Rooms are overflowing with individuals who have contracted the flu virus. In a proactive effort to minimize further exposure in our school, we will be closing the campus for four days to launch a Super Clean of each classroom. All surfaces will be wiped down and germicidal bombs will be released throughout the campus. Catching this epidemic early and breaking the cycle of exposure is vital to minimizing the spread of the virus to more families.

Here's the original Facebook post: