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San Antonio healthcare workers say the new year needs new nurses

“People are sick, and they need a lot of care. We’re the ones on the frontline doing the best we can.”

SAN ANTONIO — The past two years have been some of the most challenging times to be a nurse, doctor, or any other healthcare professional.

“People are sick, and they need a lot of care. We’re the ones on the frontline doing the best we can,” Licensed Vocational Nurse Andrew Smith said.

It’s something Smith, who’s been working in his career field for about 2 months, knew he would be jumping into headfirst.

“It’s hard work, and it requires a lot of critical thinking and harsh judgement,” Smith said.

While most people are celebrating the New Year with family and friends, Smith will be busy working at the Baptist Medical Downtown Center. Work he says has been rewarding.

“I know as much as my patients want to be home with their families and I want to be home with my family someone has to be there to make sure they feel like they’re at home and taken care of,” Smith said.

Donna Wallis directs the program Smith graduated from at the Baptist School of Health Professions.

“Andrew was an excellent student as are all of our students,” Wallis said.

She says with such a tough two years, good nurses like Andrew are needed now more than ever.

“Every day has its new and unique challenges and COVID-19 has been one of those challenges,” Wallis said.

Andrew hopes many continue to follow in his footsteps to fill the need he says is bigger than just one individual person.

“It’s a tall order not only for San Antonio but for the whole country. We need new nurses,” Smith said.

Baptist Health System has been holding regularly scheduled hiring events throughout the year and will continue to hold them throughout 2022 to recruit nurses and other healthcare staff for its five hospitals in San Antonio and its hospital in New Braunfels. 

Head over to their website for more information.

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