SAN ANTONIO -- The rain is gone, and we can finally dry out. However, we have a new problem. Mosquitos. This year, concern is amplified because of the fear of the Zika virus.

San Antonians are pulling out all the stops when it comes to staying mosquito free.

“Business has been absolutely crazy. Everyday we’re getting new calls left and right,” said Zachary Swank of the Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad is a business that sprays a formula around houses to keep mosquitos away.

“Today we’re at about 18 [houses], still six more to do,” said Swank.

Tiffany Daniels is five months pregnant. Fearful of the Zika virus, since it can lead to birth defects, she said she’s always putting on repellent.

“We’re having a boy. We just found out last Sunday and had a little party outside. We had like four cans of [repellent] ready at the party,” said Daniels.

Melissa Saber’s toddler discovered mosquitos the hard way.

“She probably has 12 [bites] on one leg,” said Saber.

Because of that, Saber is now stocked up on repellent.

“Even if we go out to get the mail or whatever, we always always put it on. I’ve even been putting her in pants which makes me feel really bad,” said Saber.

As of now, Metro Health is reporting seven cases of Zika in San Antonio. All of those cases were acquired when people were travelling abroad. There’s still currently 18 cases under investigations.