SAN ANTONIO -- Pokemon Go has now been out for just about three weeks but injuries keep happening, even with the on-screen warning at the start of the game.

Should something be changed to help players help themselves?

"We have seen injuries ranging from scrapes and sprains all the way to a fracture and even abdominal injuries requiring surgical intervention," said Dr. Grant Hogue, an orthopaedic surgeon at UT Medicine San Antonio.

All of those injuries in the San Antonio area are all from playing a smartphone game.

"They need to pay more attention and come out of the virtual world for a second," said Rickie, a local Pokemon Go player.

"Don't just shoot the little pokey balls. Look up every now and then," said Pokemon Go players Amanda and Reagan.

"I think the problem lies when you have Pokeystops and gyms in the game where they are co-located with busy streets," local Pokemon player Tyler said.

"Even with parental supervision, kids are fast and they can get away and get into the street just like we did when we were kids growing up after the ball," Dr. Hogue said.

"I would never walk into a street without knowing it. Me neither but I could see how people would do it." players Daniel and Sterling said.

As you play Pokémon Go when you get closer to the street, you see it right on the app. But is the warning they put out at the beginning of the Pokémon go game enough to keep people safe?

"You would think," one player said.

"The warning is about as useful as the terms of service," another player said.

"I know this is based on Apple or Google maps but if it has something like the Garmin GPS where it says there is traffic here or something it might help kids pay attention more," one player said.

The doctor has some advice that all players should follow:

"Keep your head up, know your surroundings."