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Out with the junk, in with the greens: SA company focusing on employee health with fresh food-stocked vending machines

The company is doing all it can to make sure employees stay healthy and happy.

SAN ANTONIO — Vending machines full of fatty and sugary snacks are a staple of the work place, but one San Antonio company is changing the way employees eat and, ultimately, live. 

The options when eating out for lunch may not always be the healthiest. That's why Accent Food Services features their Stocked Market machines. 

"We've been able to really meet the needs of their consumers through functional services, great focus on fresh food offerings that we have, and beverages and snacks being on site," said Josh Rosenberg, CEO of Accent Food Services. 

Starting Tuesday, their Stocked Market features healthy food options made daily for the 450 people at the SWBC site on San Pedro Avenue. 

"Employees are loving it because it gives them an opportunity to get, whether it's some healthier choice options or just a snack on the go, to get that sugar buzz," said Greg Hermanson, SVP of human resources. 

There's all sorts of restaurant quality food inside, including a turkey sausage quesadilla, a western omelette and an all-day breakfast meal.

The market is just one aspect of SWBC's Commit To Be Fit program. They've also got a wellness clinic with biometric screening. 

"The biometric screening involves some standard blood work, height, weight, body mass index...just to see where you stand," said Lili Montes, AVP of Employee Benefits.

And it's more than just a healthier lifestyle encouraging employees here. One screening knocks their cost of insurance down, and a smartphone app helps them track their health as well. Through the app, each employee can earn up to $500 in points by tracking their steps, tracking their healthy habits and even challenging their coworkers.

"For the weekend rumble, we have Saturday and Sunday to meet a certain amount of steps, and whoever wins gets the points in the health miles," said Operation Supervisor Ronnie Espinosa.

Those points turn into cash money. It's just another incentive from the company to stay healthy, and stay happy. 

"Very fortunate to work for a company that really puts that much of an emphasis on employee wellness," Montes said. 

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