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'Molar Makeovers' | Dentists warn against dangerous TikTok trend that encourages young adults use nail files on teeth

Dentists say this can strip the enamel away and have long-term health consequences for your teeth.

SAN ANTONIO — Social media is full of new challenges for users to try and TikTok is no exception, but some of them can be dangerous. One of the latest trends can harm your teeth permanently.

It is called "Molar Makeovers." Users are taking a nail file and filing down their teeth to try to make them appear smoother and straighter. Teens could be doing harm that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Dentists across the country are reacting to videos of a home remedy for crooked chompers. TikTok user @thebentist said, "This is something we do it's called enameloplasty and us as dentist or orthodontist we do this to a lot of people, but you need to know specifics before you can do stuff like this." 

Dr. Melissa Santilli from Honey Dental added, "When a doctor is doing it they have x-rays and other tools to make sure they are doing it safely."

Your teeth have enamel which is necessary for the health of the tooth, if you file that enamel away that's a problem. Dr. Santilli said, "Once the enamel is gone then underneath it's going to be part of the tooth that's going to be super sensitive."

Sensitivity is just the start of your problems. Dr. Santilli told us, "Let's say you get to the point where are you are exposing the nerve and now you're in a lot of pain. You are going to need a root canal and you are going to need all these things to take care of it such as crowns. If you end up losing it then we are looking at implants and bridges."

If you want a better smile, just talk to your dentist about it. You may think you're saving money, but in the end filing your teeth yourself at home could end up costing you much much more.