There are seven zip codes in southeast San Antonio where deadly breast cancer numbers are high, but there's a new outreach effort to save lives.

Sponsored by the Martinez Street Women’s Center, it is a two-part effort to get help to the women who are not getting it now.

The “Live To See It” campaign is reaching out to women who live in zip codes 78202, 78203, 78208, 78210, 78219, 78220 and 78223.

A study funded by the Susan G. Komen Foundation found high rates of late-stage diagnosis and breast cancer deaths in those zip codes. They are partnering with MSWC to do outreach, both on the web with social media, and in one-on-one conversations on the streets.

"Our mission is to transform communities," said Norma Gonzalez with MSWC.

Gonzalez said that "health promoters" do sidewalk chats with individual women in which they try to learn what would keep a woman from getting good medical care, and then solve those challenges.

"The help is out there! We are looking to not only connect people to those resources but have something that's long-lasting," Gonzalez said. “The health promoters are able to say, ‘Hey, I am a community member too, so let’s do this together. Let’s fight for our lives together!'”

Gonzalez said that their goal is to bring vital resources to those who may struggle with health issues related to not having access to nutritious food or fitness opportunities to develop optimum health.

“So we hope that this empowers women, empowers young girls, and empowers our community to seek those services and have them here closer to home,” Gonzalez explained.

Bre Jamerson of the Komen Foundation said

"We want to make health a priority," said Bre Jamerson with the Komen Foundation. "Komen is a resource. MSWC is a resource. There are plenty of organizations here that are readily available in our community that can be utilized to anyone."

To learn more about the program, you can visit the Martinez Street Women’s Center on Facebook or click on this link to their official website here.