SAN ANTONIO -- Surgeries performed with the assistance of a robot are making quicker recovery times available to more San Antonians.

Doctors said they expect the wider availability of robotic surgeries will give patients better access to care they need.

While the daVinci surgical robot not new to local hospitals, this is the first time more patients will have access to it.

"It's a great technology. It's a great opportunity for patients in South Texas to be able to have their surgery at a reduced cost," Dr. Wendall Bauman said.

The robot is in a CHRISTUS Santa Rosa surgery center. It is located in the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Physicians Ambulatory Surgery Center Ewing Halsell location. It is the first surgical center in South Texas to offer procedures using the daVinci robot.

This means patients could have a less invasive procedure.and go home the same day.

"It saves the patient up to 50 percent on their co-pays and deductibles, because of the outpatient environment that the operation is taken," Bauman said.

"I started in 2005, and I've done over 2,000 procedures. It's second nature," Dr. Vincenzo Sabella said.

While you can't have every procedure in a surgery center, the robot can also cut down on your recovery time.

It is used for procedures such as gallbladder removal, hernia treatment and gynecologic surgeries.
"It allows [the surgeon] to be more precise, decrease complications and get the patients back to work faster," Bauman said.

Surgeons who use the daVinci robot say to check with your doctor to find out whether you're a candidate for the procedures.