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How a San Antonio couple lost 250 pounds

The couple hits the gym five days out of the week. They said people need to realize it is a lifestyle.

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio couple lost 250 pounds combined, and the massive weight drop isn't just saving their lives. Now, Hollywood is calling on the husband. He's landing acting roles, including a part on NCIS: New Orleans.

Gina and Jason Campbell are stepping into a new world.

"I could possibly not be here right now, with all the medical problems that I had," she said.

A doctor's visit was a wake-up for Gina. The realtor was left with no choice but to start her fitness journey. The weight started dropping. 

"Do I really want to be the fat guy with the hot wife?" Jason said.

Her husband of ten years got with the program.

"I figured, I better get on the bandwagon, or people are going to be looking at me and go, 'Oh, he must make lots of money,'" he said.

Together the couple pushed each other.  At LIFE TIME, the love birds made a change of a lifetime with the help from their trainer. Good ole' diet and exercise is the key. They even took a food sensitivity test at the club. It told them things they thought they could eat, but shouldn't. After a year, they noticed the difference.

"I weigh 245 pounds right now," Jason said. "Together, we lost a 6-4, 245 pound guy in the form of fat off our bodies. It is tremendous when you think about it."

Jason wasn't shy for our cameras. It is his dream to be in front of them. Since the weight loss, he is landing roles, including a Subway commercial. He even had a small part on NCIS: New Orleans, which hasn't aired yet.

"Since as soon as a 110 pounds went away, you know commercials, television movies are opening up like crazy," he said. 

Life does have a new meaning for the husband and wife.

"It is just not surviving anymore," Gina said. "Now, we can actually live and do things. And have fun, not feel like we are going to die, literally."

The couple hits the gym five days out of the week. They said people need to realize it is a lifestyle. They said motivation will not bring you to the gym, but self-discipline.


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