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Volunteers sought for vaccine trials in San Antonio

Clinical Trials of Texas are preparing to test three potential vaccines for the coronavirus.

SAN ANTONIO — As discussions and speculation continue on when we might see a novel coronavirus treatment available for widespread use, Clinical Trials of Texas is looking for volunteers to help test potential vaccines at their facility in San Antonio’s Medical Center area. There are many fronts in the fight against the virus, but there's potential for this one to be the key to victory.

“If you look at it worldwide, I think there’s up to, like, 140 potential vaccine candidates (that have) been tried,” said Douglas Denham, chief medical director with Clinical Trials of Texas. “The studies that we’re going to be participating in are going to be the large phase-three type of trials."

Denham says he understands why people might hesitate to take part in a trial.

“It’s kind of scary in a way for some people, but...I would want people to realize that this is a great opportunity to help us find a cure for this thing."

He emphasized there's no way to contract the virus from any of the vaccines they are testing. 

“None of these are types of live-virus kind of things that will give people COVID-19. They’re safe,” he said. “Matter of fact, (in) one of the trials, we’re actually looking for folks, older people who have multiple risk factors and things like that.”

People hoping to participate in a trial can go to SAResearch.com. Volunteers will be compensated for taking part.

Denham says that, considering where their trials stand now, it could still be months before a vaccine is widely available.

“Once they find something, it’s just the mass production, you know, distribution. How do you determine who’s going to get the first supply of the vaccine? We’re talking about a worldwide epidemic," he said. We’re worrying about countries all around the world—billions of people.”

Anyone hoping to volunteer for a trial can go here to sign up. They can also call Clinical Trials of Texas directly at 210-949-0122.

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