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Is it '65 and over', or 'over 65' for COVID-19 vaccine access in Georgia?

It's an important distinction for those who are exactly 65 years old.

ATLANTA — It's a distinction that really only applies to a small slice of people, but it matters quite a bit for them: Is Georgia making the COVID-19 vaccine available to people who are 65 and over, or over 65?

It would be easy to get confused on that distinction, and wonder if you are exactly 65 years old, where you would stand.

Fortunately, it's very easily cleared up, and there's a very clear answer. While sometimes state officials might say "over 65" as a kind of shorthand, they do mean those who are 65 and older.

To dispense with any ambiguity, you can check the Georgia Department of Public Health website, where they outline the state's COVID-19 vaccine rollout plans.

It states that those incorporated into Phase 1B of the plan include: "All adults 75 and older and those 65 and older with significant comorbidities and their caregivers." (emphasis added)

It also notes that "adults below age 65 with significant comorbidities" will be eligible in Phase 1C.

So, there you go. If you're 65 on the dot, you're included in the cutoff.