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DC company helps travelers keep germs away with 'scumbag' sanitizing kit

A DC entrepreneur is helping travelers feel more comfortable with a new sanitizing travel kit called a "scumbag."

WASHINGTON — Here’s something, besides a mask, that may come in handy on your next trip: a Scumbag. That's the name of a new sanitizing travel kit that will help you fight germs on your next getaway. A D.C. entrepreneur is the brains behind it.  

For the last few years, D.C.’s Robbie Stanfield has taken pride in helping women of color see the world – the primary focused of her travel firm New Luggage which specializes in group travel for women of color.

But, in the age of COVID-19,  business looks a lot different.

“We had an array of trips lined up for the year of 2020, going to Barcelona and all these different places, but when COVID hit, all of our trips were canceled,” Stanfield said. “ I was kind of thinking to myself ‘what am I going to do to get my clients to feel comfortable traveling again?’”

Credit: Robbie Stanfield

Hoping to instill a little more confidence in those afraid to travel in a pandemic, she thought of the 'scumbag.' It is a sanitizing travel kit that includes everything from hand  sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to airport bin covers, which have been a favorite among customers. There is also a cheat sheet on how to navigate the most germ-filled areas.

 “I’m finding that lots of people are really thinking about their families, thinking about the holiday season coming up,” Stanfield said. “ My clients have been really open about their fears, getting back out there and traveling again.”

Credit: Robbie Stanfield

“You can’t control what everyone is doing,” said Stanfield about people wearing mask and exercising safety precautions. “ We really wanted to think about ways we can help people be more intentional.”

You can learn more about the scumbags here.

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