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San Antonio mom of preemie twins urges people to get the vaccine after she contracted COVID-19

Janie Saucedo, 20, delivered preemie twins early and is encouraging other expecting mothers to get vaccinated.

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio mother who prematurely delivered twins while battling COVID-19 is sending a message to all pregnant women: get the vaccine. Officials at Baptist Health System say Janie Saucedo, 20, is now recovered.

Saucedo said she went to lunch with friends and the next day her friend called to tell her she'd just tested positive. Doctors told Saucedo she would have to deliver her babies early due to complications.

She explained why she is encouraging others who are pregnant to get the vaccine to protect themselves, as well as their newborns.

"I actually would recommend it – since I'm breastfeeding, everything that I do or take goes to the baby. It helps them fight it off. They may get it, they may not. And if they do – they won't get it as bad," Saucedo said.

The twin girls were born on August 12 – several weeks before their original due date. Saucedo said she was not vaccinated because she was uncertain about the safety risks.

Saucedo said her twin girls, Evelyn and Emily, could be discharged from the neonatal ICU within the next two weeks.