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Richmond woman feeds thousands of kids during pandemic

Once homeless and fleeing the oppressive conditions of Honduras, Nery Salazar made a promise to God that she's determined to keep.

RICHMOND, Texas — In the hustle and bustle of a Fort Bend County kitchen, Nery Salazar and her volunteers cook up homemade, nutritious food for hundreds of kids every single day.

“It’s a lot of work,” Salazar says, “but we just do it with love. And when it’s with love, it’s easy.”

Nery’s Promise is a Christian nonprofit that provides food, clothing, bible studies and even financial classes to children and teens in Richmond.

“Whatever the children need we help them out,” she said.

The charity started three years ago, but the idea hatched decades ago, during a desperate time.

“I came from Honduras. It was a lot of poverty and a lot of gangs and so I didn’t want to get into any of that. So, I wanted to do better for me,” she said.

In the early 1980s, Salazar started her journey to the United States. She got lost in the woods along the way where she lived for months.

“I survived eating worms and drinking dirty water and leaves. It was very scary. I got down on my knees and said, ‘God, please help me. If you help me, I promise that I’m going to help you,’” Salazar said.

Eventually, Salazar did find her way to America. Now a US citizen, she kept the promise she made all those years ago.

Nery’s Promise is a lifeline during the pandemic, serving up roughly 17,000 home-cooked meals since March. Most of them she had delivers every day to her community.

She also hosts bible studies and provides counseling services for families.

In addition, Nery’s Promise recently launched a lawn cutting service where teens are trained on how to landscape to earn money. They’re then taught how to manage money and open a bank account.

“I want to show these kids that they can do it. No matter where you live no matter what you do if you really want to be successful you can.”

Salazar fled her home country looking for a better life, not knowing how many others she’d better along the way.

“That was my promise. And I am going to keep my promise until He takes me home,” she said.

For information about Nery’s Promise or to donate, click here.

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