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Popular local restaurant has a new filtration machine designed to kill coronavirus in the air

According to the manufacturer, the indoor air protection system is proven to kill 99.9% of coronavirus in the air. Boudro's is the first in San Antonio with it.

SAN ANTONIO — River Walk restaurant Boudro's Texas Bistro just re-opened a month ago. The popular eatery opened with a new machine they say kills the coronavirus in the air.

According to the manufacturer, the biodefense indoor air protection system is proven to kill 99.9 percent of coronavirus in the air. Andreas Esparza is general manager and part owner of Boudro's.

"It's kind of in your face a little bit," he said. "People come in and think it is a humidifier."

The restaurant is the first in San Antonio with the system from Integrated Viral Protection. This new technology is already being used in medical buildings, hotels, and schools.

Esparza said the machine filtrates all the air in the room at least 20 times in just one hour. He said all the spores in the air go into the system where it's then heated. They have the main machine in the dining room in a corner. 

"Basically, air that goes through there totally burns," he said. "The heat is what kills the virus."

Boudro's has been shut down much of the pandemic. Esparza said they waited because they wanted to find something that would be safe for their customers and staff who are inside.

"At least we had something in place that would kill the coronavirus, COVID-19 if it would be in the air," he said.

Server Joey Rodriguez says customers do look at it funny. But, says it is needed, especially in an enclosed space.

"I think it helps with the guests," he said. "Especially the peace of mind."

The restaurant also has a much smaller machine that does the same job. They use that one in their outdoor space along the River Walk.

Its partnering business Zinc Bistro & Bar will also have the two machines. They plan to re-open that location soon.