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NISD students asked to switch to distance learning for 10 days

Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods sent an email to parents and guardians on Wednesday, asking them to make the switch to "get past the surge" of COVID-19 cases in SA.

SAN ANTONIO — UPDATE: Northside ISD Superintendent Brian T. Woods on Wednesday asked parents to continue to keep kids home for virtual learning for at least another week, citing "inconsistent metrics" regarding COVID-19 data in San Antonio.

This comes after Woods asked parents to keep their in-person students home for virtual learning if possible two weeks ago due to rising COVID-19 cases.

See the full statement posted to the district's website below:

"Earlier this month, I asked families to consider temporarily switching their children from in-person to virtual learning in light of rising COVID-19 cases in San Antonio.

We had hoped to see an improvement in the city’s health metrics and allow students to return Feb. 1. However, we have seen inconsistent metrics.

Because of that, we ask that if you are able and your child is successful in the virtual environment that you delay a return to in-person learning for at least another week.

This applies to those who temporarily switched to virtual learning and those who had hoped to start in-person learning for the third grading cycle.

For individual concerns regarding your child, contact your campus principal.

Next week, we will determine the possibility of allowing additional in-person learners and will communicate that decision to you.  

Thank you for your support of your child’s education and of Northside schools."

See original story below:

In an email to parents – in addition to videos posted on social media – Northside Independent School District is asking families to consider keeping their children home for 10 school days.

"We have all learned so much during the pandemic," Dr. Brian Woods, NISD Superintendent, said. "One of the things I’ve come to appreciate is that opening schools is certainly easier than keeping them open."

Woods continues by explaining that the "rise in San Antonio these last few weeks since the holidays" is concerning and he hopes NISD can do its part to "avoid broader closures of schools or other important institutions."

A few paragraphs down, Woods pleads with families to keep their children home to participate in distance learning.

"If your child is currently attending school in-person, I ask that you consider switching them to virtual learning for the next two weeks, from Jan. 19 after the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday until Jan. 29, the end of the month. Hopefully, this will help us to get past the surge in cases we are now seeing in our city," Woods said. "Obviously, this is not feasible for all of our families. However, if your child can be successful in the virtual environment, I ask that you consider making this temporary change. If you do choose to go to virtual learning for these two weeks, you will in no way give up an in-person slot for the rest of the school year."

Later, Woods explains his email is a request and not mandatory – especially for students in certain situations.

"If your child is more successful attending school each day, they should stay there and that option remains," Woods said.

He also went on to say that his request does not apply to the recent group of high school students who returned to in-person learning earlier this week, who are attending on an alternating day hybrid schedule because there are "relatively small numbers of students in attendance" on NISD's high school campuses.

To watch the entire message from Dr. Woods, click here.