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Need a face shield? This local company is 3-D printing them

"It works really well and we’ve donated them to folks out in the community who really need them."

SAN ANTONIO — From drones to face shields.

Local business, Aerial Vehicle Automation, wanted to help our community in the pandemic. So they used their 3-D printers to make face shields when they're usually crafting pieces for drones.

"When COVID struck, we had a number of 3-D printers here in house and we decided to put them to work to sorta help out with everything that’s going on," said David Gonzales, Aerial Vehicle Automation.

So how does it work? The 3-D printed band goes around your head. Gonzales says it's pretty flexible, so almost anyone can wear it. 

But the Centers for Disease Control says you can and should wear a cloth covering as well. But if you have a face shield for extra protection, make sure it wraps around the sides of your face and extends below the chin.

"It works really well and we’ve donated them to folks out in the community who really need them," said Gonzales.

If you're a first responder or a healthcare employee, the company says you can get one for free. And if you're not in the category, you can order one for $10.

"Once they’re ready, we’ll send you a text to pick them up and arrange for curbside pickup and bring them right out to your car. So it’s real easy," said Gonzales.

So when KENS 5 asked Gonzales how long he and his co-workers plan to keep printing these face shields, he told us this:

"We’ll continue doing it as long as people see there is a demand for them. So as long as people are messaging us and saying they need some, we’ll keep making ‘em."

For more information, you can visit their website here. And if you would like a face shield, you can text them at 210-313-4635. For curbside pickup, they are located on the far northwest side in Leon Springs.