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Local organizations raising money to help those impacted by India's coronavirus crisis

Indian health officials recorded more than 380,000 new coronavirus cases Wednesday as the country experiences steep shortages in medical supplies such as oxygen.

SAN ANTONIO — India’s coronavirus crisis has caught the world’s attention as the country grapples with limited medical resources and increasing cases each day.

“Almost three weeks now and it’s getting worse and worse,” said San Antonio businessman and India native Binu George.

George operates several liquor stores in San Antonio with help from his son.

When Binu’s not stocking the shelves or checking inventory, he’s glued to the news of what’s happening in his home country of India, particularly Kerala, the southern state where he grew up.

He calls his vaccinated mother most days of the week once opening up shop in the morning.

“It’s really bad and really sad, especially my mom, some brothers and sisters still back home,” Binu said.

Even with foreign aid coming in, India is experiencing shortages of oxygen, ventilators and a host of other medical supplies.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with an influx of infected patients and makeshift crematoriums have been established in parking lots, among other places.

Indian health officials reported more than 382,000 new coronavirus cases and over 3,000 additional deaths on Wednesday.

The India Association of San Antonio partnered with organizations, such as the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, to raise funds toward supplying medical oxygen for those in need.

George urges anyone who can provide aid to consider donating by accessing this link: https://events.aapiusa.org/donation-sanantonio/

He believes the loosened coronavirus safety restrictions combined with the ongoing elections in India contributed to the spike in cases. But he’s holding out hope for his family and country.

“They can postpone the election. That’s my advice. People’s life is important, number one,” George said.

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